Saturday, February 1, 2014

Stranded With a Billionaire Released!!

Hot Tales By 6 Best-Selling Erotic Romance Authors.
What happens when a billionaire is stuck in a situation money won't fix? 
Six authors offer extraordinary tales of love, lust and desperation in 
Stranded With the Billionaire.
You can buy it for $.99 on Amazon at
An interview with the Authors will be posted in the next few days. So be looking for it 
as they answer questions about the book and a few personal ones as well!  


  1. Wicked Leanore - Thanks so much for the mention! I can't wait to read everybody's stories in this anthology.

    I feel compelled to clarify Leanore's answer to the question of "What is a pet peeve of yours?" In regards to her answer, she means that 'at her home, clean floors and counters are mandatory'. :D

  2. Always My Editor Of Excellence...LOL