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31 Ghost Novels to Read before You Die by Deb Atwood Book Tour

"As readers of Deb Atwood’s blog Pen In Her Hand know, Atwood is passionate about ghost fiction. Since 2011, Atwood has read, re-read, and written about ghost literature. 31 Ghost Novels to Read Before You Die presents a selection of the best of these posts. 

Among the books discussed are old favorites (The Turn of the Screw by Henry James, The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson) as well as some indie gems few people will know about (The 20’s Girl, the Ghost, and All That Jazz by June Kearns). There are ghost novels for every reader, in genres ranging from historical to literary to romance. "

Deb Atwood holds an MFA and lives in California with her husband and rescue dog Nala. Her time-slip novel Moonlight Dancer was selected as a front page Featured Review by Book Ideas. Deb's work has appeared in numerous anthologies. Her interests include ghost fiction, Korean culture, quilting, and, of course, reading.

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Long excerpt for 31 Ghost Novels

Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Format: Audiobook
Source: Pleasanton Library

What it’s about:
When Andromeda Miller returns ten years’ worth of alimony checks to her ex-husband, she is met with a surprise. A job offer. One month’s salary for 10,000 dollars. An offer too good for Andy to reject. North knows that when he sends Andy to the haunted castle she will figure out a way to handle any and all problemsall without missing her 3 o’clock baking session with the child Alice. Andy’s mission is to take care of two orphaned children in a rebuilt castle in rural Ohio, a castle complete with its own moat. Andy arrives at the castle to find two kids suffering abandonment issues, one seedy housekeeper who doesn’t keep house, a derelict structure...oh, and a trio of ghosts. As if that’s not enough, Andy is visited by an opportunistic journalist, an ex-mother-in-law, a mother, a fiance, and an ex-husband convinced he can uncover a charlatan.
Andy is a problem solver and soon has matters in hand. Still, even Andy’s skills are challenged when the ghosts show up. Can Andy trust the beautiful dancing ghost who offers love advice? What are the old specters’ intentions concerning the children?
Miss J and Peter Quint are old specters now devoid of souls, bound to a house that was transported piece by piece from England. Devotees of Henry James will find much fun here with Miss J and Peter and the two abandoned children as allusions to James’s famous ghost novella The Turn of the Screw.
What I thought:
This is a delightful romp with zany characters balanced by the calm restraint of one North Archer who happens to be Andy’s ex-husband but still very present in her thoughts. Readers will love to root for Andy. She’s brave and honest and creative.
I originally picked up a print version of this book and returned it, judging it a bit simplistic. Later, I decided to give this novel another chance in audio format and realized it was too much fun to put aside, and in fact, the story becomes more complex as it moves forward. While some characters are two-dimensional, the children will charm readers. The author does a wonderful job of exposing their hard-won strength in the face of much adversity as well as revealing their poignant vulnerability. They become the impetus for Andy’s character growth. Andy, who never wanted children, evolves into their fiercest advocate and protector against any and all villains.
The author clearly had fun with names. Ensconced in the deteriorating castle is the greedy Mrs. Crumb. Mrs. Crumb, the wicked housekeeper; North Archer, the straight shooter; and Southie, the ne’er do well brother. Whenever authors play with names this way, I think of Dickens. And when authors have fun with names, so do I as the reader.
I enjoyed watching Andy wrestle with her love life. She loves the children, but does that mean she can reunite with their 3rd cousin, who happens to be her ex, the cerebral North Archer? Well, romance is in the air, along with some not-so-friendly ghosts, so you can probably guess.
If you’re looking for a romantic ghost story with a gutsy heroine, if you believe in second chances for family and love, then this is the book for you.

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  1. Thank you so much, Brandi, for posting this excerpt from 31 Ghost Novels. I really appreciate it!

    I see you like crafts, too. I find sewing and quilting are good go-to creative activities when the writing fails to flow.

    Thanks again.