Friday, June 26, 2015

Dark Day Interactive's One Final Breath joins Kickstarter

One Final Breath...
Your daughter is missing.
Last seen outside of the abandoned St. Mary’s School for the Gifted.
A former psychiatric hospital where the doctors performed untold terrors on the patients.
Armed with just your flashlight, cell phone and wits…
Do you dare adventure in?

In One Final Breath, a father is searching for his daughter. She was last seen outside of St. Mary's School for the Gifted, A school she once attended until.... children started to disappear. 
Join a scared dad as he searches for his daughter using just a flashlight, cell phone and his wits as he searches through the abandoned school, peaking through cracks, tip-toeing past creatures and searching for anything that may tell you what is going on.

Dark Day Interactive, the company that created this game, wanted as much realism as possible. So they researched abandoned hospitals to get that feel in their game.

You don't use any weapons, it's a stay quiet concept. If you get spotted you run... or die
Dark Day Interactive made sure to add in 

- SNOOP AND PEEK - venturing deeper into Saint Mary's, you will come across holes and cracks in the walls, looking through them might reveal the safety of the room or an important item....but tread carefully, it's never nice to spy on others...
- TRUE HARDCORE SURVIVAL MODE - no weapons, no armor, no easy means to protect yourself from the horrors that lurk within the school.
- DISCOVER CLUES AND ABANDONED ITEMS - piece together the troubled history of the school and its past as a hospital.
- YOUR PHONE REVEALS THE TRUTH - use the camera of your phone or tablet to find clues or discover hidden texts. Some things are best left in the dark...
- SHATTERED MEMORIES - Items you find along the way will reveal a glimpse into the past if placed is certain areas.

Popular Voice Actors!

Dark Day Interactive wanted the best voice actors for their game. So they chose two very experienced people.

Dark Day Interactive needs your help!
They have joined with Kickstarter to raise money so they can release their game to a wider audience.
Their Goal is $20,000 to release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
And the more support they get means releases on more consoles!

Completely Possible if you share this with your local gamers!

Here is how they break it down!

Now, What is in it for you? Other than a great game?
If you offer to back their game you can get amazing rewards!

And several backers will receive signed items!

And a limited item being offered is a 7 inch, handcrafted figurine straight from the game!

There are so many more items and gifts being offered as well!
If you follow this One Final Breath Backer link then you will see a list of items available based on what you give.
But be quick, several items are first come-first serve basis!

If you have any questions, want to follow the team and want to help, here are some helpful links! They love to hear from you.

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