Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Kavan (Drelatta Wolves Series Book One) by Kristen Clark-Frost

Ashlyn wasn't looking looking for a man. She had books, her best friend, and a job she loved. Unless she found a man like the ones in her books, she was happy being single. Until she met Kavan.
Working with his family, Kavan kept the human’s safe from what lurked in the shadows. He wasn't looking for his mate, wasn't ready to settle down. Until he found Ashlyn.

Can Ashlyn accept Kavan and the life he offers. Can Kavan keep Ashlyn safe from the monsters hunting her?

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Paranormal romance author, Kristen Clark-Frost,
lives in New Hampshire with her family.
A die hard metalhead, you’ll find her at her computer,
headphones blasting, while pounding away at the keyboard.
Her cat, who believes he’s trans species
and really a vicious canine, sleeping by her side.

An avid reader with a voracious appetite for the written word,
Kristen made a bold move and changed careers to chase her dream;
creating spectacular new worlds for others to enjoy.

Previously working and advocating for children and adults
with developmental disabilities,
Kristen spent many hours introducing others
to the power and magic of the written word.
When opportunity arose, she dove headfirst into writing full time.

Kavan is the first book in the Drelatta Wolves Series.

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4 of 5 stars
Kristen Clark-Frost is a new author to me. Her blurb for Kavan intrigued me, and it does help that I love paranormal romance books. 
Kavan is an interesting book, it catches your attention rather quick. Kavan isn't looking for his mate, he is interested in just living for a while and one day she enters his life anyway. 
Ashlyn isn't looking for love either, she is happy with her book-boyfriends, her best friend and a job she really enjoys. So she gets thrown for a loop when she feels such a strong feelings for Kavan.
The plot is well written and keeps a steady pace as the book goes along. The character development makes the characters almost real to a reader. You want to see what they are going to do next.
With a different twist on their relationship, paranormal romance and (my favorite) sarcasm thrown in you will be happy to read this book. 

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